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September 24, 2021
my go to meditation technique

Don't think too hard, just pause I think of a "go to" practice as the one that almost always "works" and is so familiar it takes virtually no effort to choose. Like a habit! Hum Sa is a habit kinda practice. Tune in for why Hum Sa works that way for me and to give […]

September 20, 2021
choosing challenge - a mini moves practice

Challenge can be ok Most of the practices I offer (including this one!) encourage you to do as you need and at a pace that works for you. I'm also offering the option of working with a challenge: lengthening your breath just a bit beyond normal. This takes some focus effort and some physical effort. […]

September 17, 2021
my favorite breathing practice

Breathing is good for you Especially when you slow down to enjoy it! Tune in for why I love alternate nostril breathing and how it helps me check in.   Listen to "My favorite breathing practice - Nadi Shodhana"   What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation? Welcome + getting situated, with a few thoughts […]

September 13, 2021
noticing breathing TSY practice

What's in a breath Breathing is something we all do. And we don't do it all exactly the same. The way our bodies move to facilitate air getting in and out of our lungs is specific to our situation and moment. This episode offers an opportunity to tune in and observe your breathing in the […]

September 10, 2021
coming back to meditation

It's ok to take a break Many of us meditate for a purpose that is not all consuming, which means many a practice commitment waxes and wanes! I think that's ok and there's always something to learn from our behavior, especially if we avoid blaming ourselves for it. More on that in the episode. Enjoy! […]

September 6, 2021
get comfy to let go of tension - a mini moves practice

New on Moved to Heal! We're all at different stages of our healing journey, so I decided to begin including some "regular" mov/ed yoga practices in addition to the trauma-sensitive yoga ones on the podcast. The new "Mini Moves" episodes follow the same style of teaching I use in my general population classes that I […]

August 27, 2021
can we let go of thoughts?

The good of letting go Today's practice is all about "letting go" of certain thoughts that we no longer need (the kind that may have been useful once, but their purpose has run its course). What does it mean to "let go" of thoughts? How do we do this? Is it ok if they come […]

August 23, 2021
taking pauses: fifteen belly down + seated movements

how do you pause?   Listen to "taking pauses: 15 movements belly down + seated"   The movements offered in the "taking pauses" episode Lying on belly, rest forehead on hands Lying on belly, backbend Lying on belly, leg lift Kneeling seat, pause Kneeling seat, forward fold (child's) Kneeling seat, twist Hands/Knees, cat/cow Hands/Knees, arm […]

August 20, 2021
revisiting meditation for stress, part 2

Quick stress break? I'm on summer holiday, so this week's episode is a recast from the earlier days of the podcast. Enjoy!   Listen to "Ep 519 - Meditation for Stress, Part 2 - Recast Ep 167"   What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation? Can you meditate and create stress reducing brain changes when […]

August 16, 2021
exploring all sides: ten belly down + seated movements

sides and parts Where do you experience different sides of yourself? Does it depend on location, company, or activity? Do different practices and movements help you be aware of all the ways you're you? Sometimes, it can be challenging to just be ourselves when who we are can seem to change with our environment. Of […]

August 13, 2021
revisiting meditation for stress, part 1

Sit your stress away I'm on summer break, so this week's episode is a recast from the earlier days of the podcast. Enjoy!   Listen to "Ep 518 - Meditation for Stress, Part 1 - Recast Ep 160"   What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation? I tackle the answers to common questions about meditation […]

August 9, 2021
breathing in stillness: ten belly down + seated movements

Start with ten seconds Taking a pause in stillness to notice breathing might be akin to taking a moment to notice being --being alive, being you, being ready for the next moment perhaps. Some days the pause is welcome and some days it might be overwhelming, and you can practice it when it feels ok, […]

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