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I created mov/ed to share the joy and healing power of movement + meditation.

I'm Esther. I help folks feel more comfortable in movement and heal from all kinds of hurts.

what's new inside mov/ed

the figure 8 part of your breathing

There's a figure 8 in your breathing! Well, one possible breathing pattern. I teach you what that means and how to use it in the Arohan Awarohan meditation practice from this week's episode of Esther's Everyday Meditation podcast!

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what is mov/ed?

It's movement education! Of course, that's a pretty big topic, so here's what's specific to mov/ed:
how your body moves
I teach yoga and strength "moves." I share not only what you can do, but also how the practices "work." I love to offer science-grounded tidbits that help your movement practices come alive with purpose for you.
how your mind moves
Our minds are busy all day long, and I help us explore the ins and outs of this through meditation and oh so many philosophical questions! Ever curious about how we work, I share some "brain science" that helps your thoughts and emotions make more sense to you. And together, we learn how to build perspective and agency in our minds and bodies.
what moves you
This is a fuzzier area --at first. But it's the mission to know and access what lights you up! What helps you take the steps and put in the focus to live the way you want on any given day (there are no shoulds here!).
I find answers through movement of body & mind. Inside mov/ed, I'm sharing what I've learned with you.

why do students love mov/ed?

  • Esther helped me restore my confidence in making good decisions for myself and my body.

    I feel like I got my mojo back :)

    Valentina, Love Your Moves student

  • Esther showed me that yoga is for everyone, that there is no 'keeping up with others,' that my practice was my own and I could individualize it according to my abilities in a given day / stage / moment. That self-acceptance was very freeing and I am forever grateful to Esther for that.
    Melanie, custom sessions
  • Esther holds space for students to experience the energy and journey of their own practice. She balances a true respect for the heritage of yoga with a playful and encouraging teaching style that always leaves me ready for my next class.
    Ann, student since 2014

be moving

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this is mov/ed

A space to move, heal, and be true to yourself. Want a personal introduction? 
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