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I'm Esther. I work with people who want to feel more at home in their bodies, using movement in healing.

what's new

The Welcome Series now offered in 3-week format!

The Welcome Series is an introduction to building a movement habit founded in awareness. Registration for September 2023 is now open.

what is mov/ed?

mov/ed is movement for your daily stresses and healing journeys, big and small
open-to-all movement
My yoga movement classes are designed to build awareness of experience. I strive to create a supportive community environment where individual choices and variation are celebrated. My students tend to be busy people who appreciate the space to do as they need and tell me they feel "so much better" and "so relaxed" after a class. 
trauma-sensitive yoga
Trauma-sensitive yoga is a movement practice designed as a resource for healing from trauma. I offer TCTSY practices on the Moved to Heal podcast and locally in Middlebury, Vermont.
I love podcasts, so I decided to share my teaching there! Esther's Everyday Meditation offers meditation practices and Moved to Heal offers movement practices. 

participant experiences

  • Esther helped me restore my confidence in making good decisions for myself and my body.

    I feel like I got my mojo back :)

    Valentina, Love Your Moves student

  • Esther showed me that yoga is for everyone, that there is no 'keeping up with others,' that my practice was my own and I could individualize it according to my abilities in a given day / stage / moment. That self-acceptance was very freeing and I am forever grateful to Esther for that.
    Melanie, custom sessions
  • Esther holds space for students to experience the energy and journey of their own practice. She balances a true respect for the heritage of yoga with a playful and encouraging teaching style that always leaves me ready for my next class.
    Ann, student since 2014

be moving

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A space to move, heal from daily stresses, and be true to yourself. 
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