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I started yoga with Esther to increase flexibility and balance after several injuries. 6 months in, a very longstanding shoulder problem has significantly improved, and I am happy to discover that I am generally more willing to move. 

If you're considering online yoga with Esther, do it! 
-Laura, custom sessions

time to move, time to heal

Folks like you and Laura find their way to me when something’s not right. It could be a small something or a big something. 

It could be something you've already named ("my shoulder hurts"), or something you can't pinpoint ("I just thought yoga might be good for me"). 

Together, we gradually sort out where you’re at and determine how movement or meditation might help. We start moving to change what’s not right.

"Custom sessions" means our time together is about you, suited to your needs --both in terms of your objectives and, just as importantly, how we go about addressing them.

Some students prefer working  in purely movement-based practices (ranging from vigorous + dynamic to restorative + steady), others choose a blend of movement and meditation, and others still choose 1:1 time to ask targeted questions about how and why what we're doing can help.

Format + logistics

Most of my sessions take place online, via zoom. 
Even my most skeptical clients quickly grew to love their online sessions. Our work together is just as effective in the virtual sphere! Before we start sessions, we do a tech check to make sure you're comfortable.
You'll need floor space a wee bit bigger than a yoga mat and a device with video capabilities that's connected to the internet. Part of our tech check includes making sure your set up works for you and you have all the props you need.
Sessions are typically 1 hour once a week. Of course, depending on your needs, we can modify that to suit. I will offer my recommendation when asked, taking into account all the factors you share with me. 
If you request recordings of our sessions, I can make them available to you for use between our times together. They make a perfect aid to doing any "homework" we might agree on!

awareness isn't a solo journey

When you're ready, go ahead and set up a time to meet, talk, and learn more. It's mostly a chance for us to be introduced. Beyond that, I'll share details of how I work and answer any questions that come up.


A space to move, heal from daily stresses, and be true to yourself. 
Want a personal introduction? You can schedule a time below.
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