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Connecting through movement is my joy.

I teach yoga, movement, + meditation inside mov/ed. By learning practices that move our bodies and our minds, we can learn to move ourselves through what we need—whether a space to heal or to grow. I call this movement into your own sense of safety and prosperity, "feeling more like yourself," and it's something we can all learn to find. 

Learning is healing

We all have hurts, small ones and big ones, fresh ones and olds ones, that we are healing. Within mov/ed, my hope is to inspire learning that heals and renews—or welcomes you to discover a new understanding of yourself. It's movement to help us make space for connections within body, mind, and self. 
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be moving

I like your openness and curiosity—the most valuable thing for me in your classes is to see your qualities and be inspired by them.
- Linda, group class student

Why I teach

I love it. Plain and simple.
I came to love teaching while navigating an injury recovery. What I learned about my body through that healing process sparked my interest in how the human body works. I loved having insight into why I was hurting and how to change it.

Even during my first awkward teaching attempt in my first training, I lit up inside. It was clear that movement was my way to connect with other people. 

I spent years teaching a "strong vinyasa flow," while also adding new healing tools to my teaching toolbox: resources for healing injuries to the physical body, affronts to identity, and complex pain from trauma. I have always been drawn to the healing side of movement, yoga, and meditation, and this is present in all of my teaching.

I now offer movement classes with a trauma-informed approach, and choose to teach simple practices that many of us can find useful for some immediate need. The range of tools is limited which makes it all the more marvelous when each of my participants draws something unique from the work: the range of possible discovery is unbounded. 

We all need space to get to know ourselves better.  This space doesn't need to be a solitary or lonely one. Inside mov/ed, I offer community through my podcasts, classes, and 1:1 sessions, and you can choose the avenue that suits you best in any given week.

What I teach, exactly

My business card has at various times said "movement guide," "yoga teacher," and "meditation teacher." Those are just labels, though. In short, what I do is help folks get to know themselves through trauma-sensitive movement practices. You can review my trainings and teaching experience here or use the button below to explore my current offerings. 



I teach trauma-sensitive yoga and you-do-you movement classes that combine my training in ISHTA Yoga, Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, therapeutic strength training, and restorative practices. 


I teach ISHTA Yoga's kriya meditation techniques, which use simple visuals and mantras to help focus the mind. I use a trauma-sensitive approach to allow choice + agency throughout the practice.


Learning movement and meditation often helps you see yourself anew. Making choices and building awareness are at the heart of my work. I try to make space for both in a way that allows you to notice what you notice when you're ready for it.


Mobility, strength, and balance are powerfully important when you don't have enough to do what you need or enjoy. I link all three, using strength to improve mobility and balance, and inviting full range of motion when exercising strength.


A space to move, heal from daily stresses, and be true to yourself. 
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