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core warm up, a mini moves practice

Warming up your center... so good for us! I think. I'm speaking purely from my own experience, so take my enthusiasm with a grain of salt. If you also like to ease into your body, warming up hips, core, and shoulders, whether to move into your day or into a fuller movement practice, I hope this practice is useful to you!
Listen to "Mini Moves - Seated Core Warm Up"

What’s in the Mini Moves episode of moved to heal?

I offer movements that build up to a lunge-based hip stretch. It's a short but well-rounded little practice, one that I might find useful after sitting for a long time. I hope you'll use it however it suits you!

The forms + movements offered in this episode

  • Seated spine warm up: side bend, cat, cow, twist, and fold
  • Seated core balance (boat) with a twist
  • Roll down to reclining
  • Bridge rolls with option to hold bridge
  • Return to seated to finish

Some forms may be pictured in my yoga forms library.

While you listen to the episode, you can do or not do any of the practices, and in whatever manner or degree you choose.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit keyur nandaniya, found on unsplash

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