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lunging hip stretch, a mini moves practice

Just a little bit goes a long way

It's super easy to skip doing a movement practice because of time --or the expectation that every practice needs to be long or "full". So. not. the. case! Just move when you need it. Enjoy!
Listen to "Mini Moves - Lunge Hip Stretch"

What’s in the Mini Moves episode of moved to heal?

I offer movements that build up to a lunge-based hip stretch. It's a short but well-rounded little practice, one that I might find useful after sitting for a long time. I hope you'll use it however it suits you!

The forms + movements offered in this episode

  • Sunbreaths
  • Chair / squat + stand
  • Runner's lunge (aka low lunge)
  • Table top on hands and feet (aka reverse table top where the arms are behind you)
  • Seated fold
  • Seated or reclining rest

Some forms may be pictured in my yoga forms library.

While you listen to the episode, you can do or not do any of the practices, and in whatever manner or degree you choose.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit katie hafner, found on unsplash

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