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exploring all sides: ten belly down + seated movements

sides and parts

Where do you experience different sides of yourself? Does it depend on location, company, or activity? Do different practices and movements help you be aware of all the ways you're you?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to just be ourselves when who we are can seem to change with our environment. Of course, I think that's just being human. We come like this, and we become like this: complex and multi-dimensional.
Listen to "exploring all sides: 10 movements belly down + seated"


The movements offered in the "exploring all sides" episode

  • Lying on belly or back, leg lift
  • Hands/Knees, cat/cow
  • Kneeling seat, forward fold (child's)
  • Kneeling lunge, fold + lift torso
  • Hands/Knees, twist
  • Kneeling lunge, side bend
  • Lying on belly, backbend
  • Kneeling seat, twist
  • Forward-leg seat, forward fold
  • Forward-leg seat, pause

I guide you through this practice step by step, and you can choose to skip or stay with any area you like.


What makes this trauma informed?

Choices, invitations, noticing, open-ended experiments. Read more about those here.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit emerson peters, found on unsplash

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