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choosing challenge - a mini moves practice

Challenge can be ok

Most of the practices I offer (including this one!) encourage you to do as you need and at a pace that works for you. I'm also offering the option of working with a challenge: lengthening your breath just a bit beyond normal. This takes some focus effort and some physical effort. And maybe that's challenging for you, and maybe it's not -- something else about this practice could be where you encounter challenge! If that's ok with you, then it's ok. And if it's not, then you can change up what you're doing until you're where you want to be for that moment.

I hope it's fruitful!
Listen to "Mini Moves - Choosing Challenge"

What’s in the Mini Moves episode of moved to heal?

I offer up a practice you can use to embrace a challenge of using a long or full breath throughout the practice. You can also just breathe normally and move as you need!


The forms + movements offered in this episode

  • 1:1 Breathing, with the option to lengthen your breath slightly
  • Seated spine movements
  • Downdog, hold 3-5 breaths
  • Plank, hold 3-5 breaths
  • Child's

Some forms may be pictured in my yoga forms library.

While you listen to the episode, you can do or not do any of the practices, and in whatever manner or degree you choose.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit guzman barquin, found on unsplash

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