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being present moment by moment

There's more than one way to be present

There are many places in life where we're asked to "be present" -- and it doesn't always mean the same thing. Allowing some variation in the ways you show up in any given moment might make "being present" feel more manageable. I share a few thoughts on that in the episode -- plus how it relates to this week's technique. Enjoy!

Listen to "Ep 513 - Being Present + a Color Visualization Meditation" on Spreaker.

What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation?

  • Welcome + getting situated, with a few thoughts on being present and what we can borrow from meditation
  • A little lead-in movement: Seated cat / cow
  • Breathing practice: Alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana)
  • Meditation technique (awareness kriya): Color visualization
  • A little re-grounding movement: Downdog or Child's form

As always, I encourage you to make yourself at home in this practice: substitute, modify, do as you need to feel safe and present, including taking breaks!


Integration suggestion

After listening to the episode, perhaps check in: did you notice something that you want to carry with you? If yes, maybe jot it down in a notebook or record a voice memo to help you remember!

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit vlad kutepov, found on unsplash

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