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Effective presence

Not all of our moments are ones where being fully aware (mindful) is helpful or safe. And many of our moments are made fuller and safer when we show up with all the awareness we can bring. Movement practice is one such place, with the understanding that "all the awareness we can bring" is just that --and no more.

This episode of Moved to Heal invites you to try stillness and let the awareness in --which includes letting yourself recognize when you need to move or change things up. Being present is as much about staying with your chosen focus as it is about responding to your needs in effective ways whenever possible. You got this!

Listen to "present: still reclining forms" on Spreaker.


What’s in the "present" episode of moved to heal?

I invite you to try reclining forms in stillness. If you want to see any of the forms, you can search by title in my library of yoga forms.


The forms offered in this episode

  • reclining knock knees
  • reclining knee hug
  • reclining one-leg knee hug
  • reclining windshield wiper
  • reclining bridge

While you listen to the episode, you can do or not do any of the practices, and in whatever manner or degree you choose.


What makes this trauma informed?

Choices, invitations, noticing, open-ended experiments. Read more about those here.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit birger stahl, found on unsplash

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