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nadi shodhana + sat yam kriya - episode 400

Esther's Everyday Meditation Podcast. Episode #400 with Nadi Shodhana + Sat Yam Kriya.
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What’s in this episode?
Well first let me say, wow. 400 episodes?!? I'm reminded what you can accumulate when you stick to it year in, year out --even with hiatuses! Also, in total transparency, I think I screwed up my math when I started numbering the episodes (but only realized that well after I was on a role), so I've really only recorded something like 360, but hey, that's still pretty cool!

Oh yeah, here's the shake down for this episode! I guide you through alternate nostril breathing / nadi shodhana and then straight into Sat Yam kriya meditation practice.

What's it good for?
If you've been wanting to learn to practice nadi shodhana, but never had the time to do so on your own, this series of episodes is for you! Start with #396 to get a full episode of just nadi shodhana practice. Then try #398 and #400 to continue practicing in the context of the regular kriya meditation.

If you want some detailed instructions before diving in, listen to the corresponding "how to practice" episodes: #395, #397, #399!

Ready to practice Nadi Shodhana + Sat Yam Kriya?

I hope you'll try these "full experience" meditation practices. Nadi shodhana makes all the difference! And, of course, I'd love to hear about your experience. Click on the bar below to drop me a line.

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