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compassion and kindness - episode 188


What’s this episode about?
What is compassion? What is kindness? I give you my off the cuff definition and, thankfully, the definition used by researchers in studying the effects of compassion meditation.

What can I do with that?
I'm a big believer in the power of words --and the meaning they convey and confer-- to shape our thinking, which can shape our actions. So I hope you're inspired to consider your "definition" of compassion and kindness, how they match up with the actual definitions, and what that might mean for the way you take action in the world.

Give it a listen and find out 🙂

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Ready to practice the meditation? Below is the week's "full practice" episode. Click here to listen to the "how to practice" instructions.

Listen to "Ep 185 - Full Sat Yam Kriya Practice" on Spreaker.

I'd love to hear about your experience -- and help out with any questions you have.

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