the science behind attention - episode 181


What’s this episode about?
A little bit of the brain science behind how meditation can help you improve your attention and focus.

What can I do with that?
I go into that in the episode! In brief, if you want meditation to help you improve the way you use your attention, you have to train --like an athlete training for the olympics (or little league, that'll do, too ;).

Don't want "training" to be part of your meditation practice? That's A-OK, too! Just don't expect amazing transformations in your attention skills.

Give the episode a listen and experiment with what works best for you!

Listen to "Ep 181 - Meditation and the Science of Attention" on Spreaker.

Ready to practice the meditation? Below is the week's "full practice" episode. Click here to listen to the "how to practice" instructions.

Listen to "Ep 178 - Full Hum Sa Kriya Practice" on Spreaker.

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