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breathing into torso regions

breathing into your torso

In this practice, I'm offering a practice of "breathing into" different regions of your torso: belly, chest, ribs, back, and the whole torso. If you like, you might draw on the intentional breathing practices from episodes 2 and 3, as well as the noticing of sensation or effort while "shaping" your breathing.

Practice #4 Intro
Listen to "Breathing Practice 4 intro"
Practice #4
Listen to "Breathing Practice 4"

practice notes

If you found this practice useful, I encourage you to consider repeating it --perhaps in another week or as often as every day-- in between now and the next practice in the series.

a note on order

I'm presenting these practices in an intentional progression assuming little if any familiarity with breathing practices. You know yourself best; if you find it valuable to pick and choose practices or try them in a different order, I'm all for it!

If you would like to work with a different practice today, the player above includes a playlist with all the practices.

And as ever, if you have questions or feedback on how this practice works for you, I welcome hearing them!
Be moving, be healing, be you,

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