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shaping your breathing in your torso

"shaping" your breathing

In this episode, I'm offering a practice of "shaping" your breathing by allowing and restricting movement in different torso regions while breathing (e.g., allowing your belly to bulge while minimizing the rise of your chest as you inhale). You can pick and choose where to allow and where to restrict movement.

Practice #5 Introduction
Listen to "Breathing Practice 5 intro"
Practice #5
Listen to "Breathing Practice 5"

practice notes

If you found this practice useful, I encourage you to consider repeating it --perhaps in another week or as often as every day-- in between now and the next practice in the series.

a note on order

I'm presenting these practices in an intentional progression assuming little if any familiarity with breathing practices. You know yourself best; if you find it valuable to pick and choose practices or try them in a different order, I'm all for it!

If you would like to work with a different practice today, the player above includes a playlist with all the practices.

And as ever, if you have questions or feedback on how this practice works for you, I welcome hearing them!
Be moving, be healing, be you,

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