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who are truth heroes?

Captain Marvel drawn by Dexter Soy in "Captain Marvel: Earth's Mightest Hero," writer Kelly Sue DeConnick


Who are truth heroes?

Truth heroes are my kinda superheroes!

I got into reading superhero comics because a) my husband shares from his 31,000+ piece library and b) I am a movement super dork! The action is phenomenal ūüėČ

But of course, the action is just a metaphor for the internal battles that make the characters people we relate to.

The real work for any superhero is in first deciding to use their special abilities, then learning how to use them responsibly, and finally choosing to help others. And because of their choices, we call them heroes.

How can you be a truth hero?

Truth heroes are the super people who seek out truth everywhere… and then do something useful with it.

Sometimes that's easy and it’s what you want to do anyway. Aaand then there are the oodles of times when facing the truth is scary… and taking action is downright petrifying.

I see it on the yoga mat. I see it in the gym. I see it in meditation. In just one example, we hide from facts in our efforts -- like not being ready to "level up" in a posture, or needing rest when we want a workout, or telling ourselves that minute of meditation was enough. Why do we hide from being where we are, needing what we need?

The reasons of course are individual and often call up a complex bundle of fears that have nothing do with your practice. But if you're hiding from yourself in the low-stakes world of yoga, where else might you be hiding from facts and truth?

One step at a time

Rather than tackle that question head on, maybe keep this contained to your yoga practice, which should be a safe space to be, to learn, to change what you want to change. In that safe space, you can, over time, get to know yourself, the facts about yourself that you avoid, the truth that scares you.

And who knows, you might just surprise yourself in standing up for the truth outside of your practice. If you've been practicing yoga or deliberate movement education for any stretch of time, you probably already know what I mean.

You know It won't always be easy. But you (we!) can do it.

It might take deliberation and preparation. 

It might take the support of a friend (no hero fights alone). 

It might take practice (fail, get back up, learn something, try again).

And that’s as it should be, because those are steps that make heroics possible.

And while I‚Äôm borrowing the name "hero" (and its over-the-top-ness!) from comics, it was through yoga that I uncovered my own inner truth hero. After deciding to try yoga, learning how to embrace its "good" and "bad", and eventually choosing to let yoga teach me a thing or two about being true in myself, I learned that "truth" is not personal or obvious ‚ÄĒ and of course, rarely easy.

It takes heroes to bring it to light.

Truth heroes like you, I hope.

Maybe this is the first time you've thought of yourself this way. Maybe you think I'm talking nonsense. Either way, I invite you to sit with the idea that you can champion the truth -- even if it's just within one sphere of your life.

And I'd love to know: what does "truth" mean to you? Share your thoughts with me here.

since we're talking heroes, here are 4 superhero comics I love!

Thor 2014 - Jason Aaron run
I love this Thor story. Maybe it's just because a woman wields the hammer, but I think it has more to do with the fact that it's a powerful tale and soooo beautifully crafted.
Writer Jason Aaron, Artist Russell Dauterman
Full credits + more info >>


Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman!) does her hero-ing while pregnant! As if making a tiny human weren't enough... I relate to her though because she's sassy and doesn't really like to play by the rules and stands up for the underdogs and misunderstood.
Writer Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum, Artist Javier Rodriguez
Full credits + more info >>


Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is a truth hero for sure. I think it's what makes her such a respectful change agent. Wilson's writing is instantly compelling. Start reading now, Kamala will make her way to the big screen for sure!
Writer G. Willow Wilson, Artist Nico Leon
Full credits + more info >>


Carol Danvers has a long history, but I was introduced to her when she picked up the name "Captain Marvel" (having been known as Ms. Marvel in the decades before), as written by Kelly Sue DeConnick. That run started out with artist Dexter Soy, whose images I love, and I was immediately attracted to the overall storytelling of the comic. That and, I mean c'mon, the gal can fly in space. 
Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, Artist Dexter Soy
Full credits + more info >>

The artist on the cover above is Ed McGuinness. Here is art by Dexter Soy:

Captain Marvel drawn by Dexter Soy

Tuesday indeed.

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