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weaving: ten standing movements

Be where you are

Today, I invite you to let yourself be where you are --in whatever way you take that invitation. And with that, I want to share a bit about letting your breathing be where it is, because our breathing and physiological state (and therefore our emotional state) are causally linked. Breathing is part of a network of systems with many moving and interrelating parts. I wrote more on that here. You might read it or go right on with with this week's practice. Enjoy!

Listen to "weaving: 10 movements standing"

The 10 movements offered in the weaving episode

  • Standing, roll down + up
  • Warrior 2, lift + lower arms
  • Standing, side bend
  • Warrior 2, reach + tilt torso
  • Standing balance, tree
  • Warrior 1, arms hug or cross
  • Standing balance, lift straight leg
  • Warrior 1, bend + straighten leg
  • Standing, backbend
  • Standing, pause

I guide you through this practice step by step, and you can choose to skip or stay with any area you like.


What makes this trauma informed?

Choices, invitations, noticing, open-ended experiments. Read more about those here.


Integration suggestion

After listening to the episode, perhaps take a moment to check in: did you notice something that you want to remember or follow up on? If yes, maybe jot it down in a notebook or record a voice memo to help you remember.

Be moving, be true, be you

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