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sunbreath, just the moves

What’s in this episode of moved to heal?

In this week's movement episode, I'm talking you through a sequence of moves. The sequence is taken from yoga and is sometimes called a "sunbreath".

Moves that make up the Sunbreath

From standing (or seated!), the sunbreath sequence consists of

  • lifting the arms overhead
  • folding the body forward "all the way down"
  • lifting the body up half way to vertical
  • folding the body forward "all the way down"
  • lifting the body up all the way to vertical and lift the arms overhead
  • lowering the arms down


Integration suggestion

After listening to the episode, perhaps take a moment to check in: did you notice something that you want to remember? If yes, maybe jot it down in a notebook or record a voice memo to help you remember.


You can give it a try when you're ready

Listen to "Sunbreath - Just the Moves" on Spreaker.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit chris barbalis on unsplash

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