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standing connections, a mini moves practice

What energizes you?

What "grounds" you? I invite you to consider these questions throughout this week's mini moves practice --or walking through your day! You might have a concrete concept or sense of what feeling energized or "grounded" is like for you, and it's just as likely that you have a sort of fuzzy definition for either or both feeling --especially if these aren't words you use regularly in your interactions with others. That's ok! You can let your experiences be your guide, whether or not the words hold any meaning for you.
Listen to "Mini Moves - Standing Connections"

What’s in the Mini Moves episode of moved to heal?

I offer a quick standing sequence of sunbreaths and warrior 1. It might be an energizing or "grounding" practice, depending on your preferences and where you're at today. If you want a bit more for your practice today, you might precede this practice with the Mini Moves from Dec 6th. I hope you'll use it however it suits you!

The forms + movements offered in this episode

  • Sunbreaths
  • Forward Lunge stance (aka Warrior 1) with fold and lift
  • Standing arm hug (or Eagle arms)
  • Standing pause

Some forms may be pictured in my yoga forms library.

While you listen to the episode, you can do or not do any of the practices, and in whatever manner or degree you choose.

Be moving, be true, be you

photo credit luan de oliveira silva, found on unsplash

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