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arohan awarohan kriya - episode 404

Esther's Everyday Meditation Podcast. Episode #404 with Arohan Awarohan kriya.
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What’s in this episode?
I use this practice of arohan awarohan kriya to guide you explicitly to bring your awareness a little deeper in towards your center -- to shushumna nadi. If you have no idea what I'm talking about AND you're curious, well, "how to" episode #403 is for you! I get into some nitty gritty that I don't often talk about and that applies to all our kriya practices, not just arohan awarohan.

What's it good for?
Arohan awarohan is great for centering. This week's practice is a good one for when you're ready to suspend judgment and expectation. Not perfectly, necessarily, but in intention 😉

And here's that how to episode I mentioned, cuz I think it's gonna come in handy for everyone!

Listen to "Ep 403 - How to Practice Arohan Awarohan Kriya with Shushumna" on Spreaker.

Ready to practice Arohan Awarohan Kriya?

I hope you'll try this centering practice. And, as always, I'd love to hear about your experience. Click on the bar below to drop me a line!

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