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why should you meditate? - episode 153


What’s this episode about?
Today I'm talking about the question "why should you meditate?" -- a question I'll revisit often from various angles including those personal, scientific, anecdotal, and philosophical.

Can you tell me more now?
Sure thing. Here’s one key bit:

There are so many reasons why you "should" meditate! But "should" always needs context. Find the context and it's just a matter of cause and effect.

What can I do with that?
Ask yourself: are you trying to accomplish something (that you think meditation can help with)?

If so define it --it can be a vague goal or a crazy targeted goal, the articulation doesn't matter at this first step. From the existing science alone, we can probably drum up an answer as to whether meditation of some kind is an appropriate tool to help you move toward your goal, even if that goal is still hazy in your mind.

I talk about this from a personal/anecdotal perspective in the episode - I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Listen to "Ep 153 - Why Should You Meditate?" on Spreaker.

Ready to practice the meditation? Here's the week's "full practice" episode. Click here to listen to the "how to practice" walk through!

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I'd love to hear about your experience -- and help out with any questions you have.

Practicing with you,

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