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where do you feel grounded?

Do you feel more "grounded" in one area of your body than another? This is something that I started thinking about when my dance colleague in grad school mentioned that she was sensitive to / always coming back to her neck as an area of interest. Honestly, I don't remember if those were the words she used, but it made me think of what area of my body I was drawn to explore -- or avoid. In dance and life, this could be any area or the whole body, and if you're curious about what this even means for you, I encourage you to try an episode of Moved to Heal, my new podcast of trauma-informed practices (for anyone!).

I'm also inviting you to explore the idea in a slightly more limited way in your meditation practices this month.

What’s in this episode?

The chakra system helps to draw attention to segments of the trunk in a similar way that movement practice can help draw attention to any and all parts of you. And this month, I'm teaching meditation practices that use the 7 segments from the chakra system without ascribing meaning to those segments (as the chakra system does).

We're starting this week with the 7 Centers meditation -- which is the practice of bringing your awareness to the deep centers of these 7 segments in sequence.

How can you use this practice?

One thing I love about the chakra practices (and the less mystical versions I'm offering 🙂 is how they can help you to develop internal awareness of your physical self (at least of your torso) and of any reactions or emotions that go with that.

I know that might sound scary. And you can ignore you ever read it, if you want! You can go into this practice without agenda or looking for something; either way, I hope you'll find a little bit of awareness with it someday.

Give it a try when you're ready

Listen to "Ep 490 - Feeling Grounded + 7 Centers Meditation" on Spreaker.
Listen to "Ep 489 - How to Practice 7 Centers Meditation" on Spreaker.

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