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Esther's Everyday Meditation Podcast. Episode #377, Sat Yam Kriya to help you "let go" from the week!
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Listen to "Ep 377 - Sat Yam Kriya Meditation - Let Go from the Week"

What’s in this episode?
I guide you through a version of the Sat Yam Kriya meditation practice. In this episode, I added some language to help you "let go" of emotional (or thought) baggage. The idea is that some thoughts (and emotions) stick around, nagging at us, long after the power of the feeling has lost its usefulness. Emotions help us reflect and drive actions. Sometimes for good, sometimes not, but either way, after they've driven us to ponder or do, we don't really need them still there, rehashing the nudge over and over. So let that sh*t go!

Easier said than done, but sat yam kriya can make it a little more manageable. It's very gentle 😉

What if I don't want to let go yet?
Oh, then hang on! You decide when you're ready to be done with a thought or feeling. They are yours after all!

Ready to practice sat yam kriya?

I hope you'll try a little letting go (it doesn't have to be heavy stuff-- it could just be that song lyric you can't get out of your head!). And, of course, I'd love to hear about your experience if you want to share. Click on the bar below to drop me a line.

Oh, and if you want some detailed instructions before diving in, listen to "how to practice sat yam kriya"!

Practicing with you,

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