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finding the eye of the storm - episode 167


What’s this episode about?
Meditation and how to calm stress in the short term.

Can you tell me more now?
Yup. I dive in to the reality of dealing with stress on the fly.

Can you meditate and create stress reducing brain changes when you're in the middle of chaos? I talk about why we need to set ourselves up with physiological changes that can help lessen stress in the moment, and then make it easier to meditate and make those lasting brain changes.

What can I do with that?
This week's meditation practice (listen below!) is also a stress reduction aid - no meditating required!

I explain how it works and give you just a little taste of the practice.

I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Listen to "Ep 167 - Finding the Eye of the Storm" on Spreaker.

Ready to practice the meditation? Here's the week's "full practice" episode. Click here to listen to the "how to practice" walk through!

Listen to "Ep 164 - Full Arohan Awarohan Kriya Meditation" on Spreaker.

I'd love to hear about your experience -- and help out with any questions you have. You can reach me via the comment box below.

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