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alternate nostril breathing - episode 372

Esther's Everyday Meditation Podcast. Episode #372 on How to Practice Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing).
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Listen to "Ep 372 - How to Practice Nadi-Shodhana"

What’s this episode include?
I talk you through the steps of practicing the breathing technique known as "Nadi Shodhana" or, in English, "Alternate Nostril Breathing", and then give us several minutes to practice it in quiet.

What's this practice good for?
Oh so many things! It works great to prepare body/mind for the kriya meditation practices I teach on EEMP (or any meditation practice), and you'll hear me offer it every practice for those who are comfortable doing it without guidance.

It is also a phenomenal stand-alone practice. I use it to "center" when I'm feeling nervous/excited (like before a presentation or similar), to boost my attentiveness when I'm feeling sleepy/sluggish (sound familiar to any fellow early morning meditators?), and to clear my head (literally) when I'm feeling foggy or congested.

** Fair warning, it isn't a practice to do when you are actually congested. Padadirsasana is a great alternative in that case. To practice padadirsasana ("breath balancing practice"), cross your arms over your chest to tuck your hands under opposite armpits. That's the posture you should hold throughout. Then just breathe, as fully as you comfortably can, for 2-5 minutes.

Ready to practice alternate nostril breathing?

I hope you'll give nadi shodhana/alternate nostril breathing a try! And I'd love to hear about your experience. Click on the bar below to drop me a line.

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