mov/ed workshops

a series for delving into key movement building blocks


October 24, 2021, 3-4:30pm 
We'll start by talking about how a restorative practice can be useful even when you're getting enough sleep, particularly in managing physical and emotional stress.

Then we'll do a delicious restorative practice!
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Next date in 2022, stay tuned!
I’ll explain how stretching can be a mobility remedy, a daily reset, and a way to relax. We’ll try each approach and discuss. I’ll invite you to share and/or ask questions about your experience or how to use this modality on your own. The week after, I’ll host a follow up for everyone so that you can try things and come back with questions + shared experiences if you want to!
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Next date in 2022, stay tuned!
Strength is something we need for play and everyday movements alike. Building or maintaining strength can be straightforward with a little knowledge about what goes into it. In this workshop, I'll teach you 7 foundational strength moves that also show up in yoga. We'll look at why they're not always practiced effectively for building strength and how to change that. After demonstrations + a chance to try things out, I'll guide you through a 30-min practice. We'll wrap things up with questions / discussion, and set a time for a q+a follow up the next week.


Next date in 2022, stay tuned!
In this workshop, we'll explore a few examples of how you can make conscious breathing a practice for whole body ease. I'll teach a few different practices designed to relax or balance your nervous system, create space for questions + discussion about the practices, and suggest ways to integrate conscious breathing into your life, both in yoga classes and in everyday moments. The workshop includes an optional q+a session the following week.


Next date in 2022, stay tuned!
Movement supports the mind -- this we know. In this workshop, we'll review the connection between movement and brain health and discuss how different kinds of movement (and meditation) are useful to you in your own experience. 

We'll spend most of our time in conversation and finish with a short practice of gentle movement and meditation (as one example of many kinds of movement!)

why try a workshop?

There are so many reasons! Here are just three:

  1. Learn + practice fundamentals that you can use on your own.
  2. Go deeper into common movements from yoga class so you can get more out of them every week.
  3. Be in a community of other movers who share similar questions, frustrations, and enjoyment through movement!

pay what you can

Workshops are offered for a pay-what-you-can fee, with the form offering options from $10 to $50. Please email me if you want to choose an amount you don't see listed! 

this is mov/ed

A space to move, heal, and be true to yourself. Want a personal introduction? Let's talk. 
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