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when discipline becomes your friend

You know those times when you get motivated (like the Monday after Thanksgiving!), finally, to do something good for yourself? And then you do that something and it feels great, the stars align, and life starts to move a little more smoothly? And then after the initial high of doing it, the challenge of sticking with it sets in, and you have to *gasp* choose to forego old habits to make room for the new one, which usually causes some discomfort?

Maybe yoga is like that for you.

For me, it's writing. Writing these blog posts, writing my newsletters, writing pretty much anything that calls for some composure of words into artful meaning (there's a reason I'm a dancer). Writing is hard, gosh dangit. It takes a whole lotta perseverance from me to go through with it, and yet I keep setting up these writing tasks for myself (complete with an audience) because every time I make myself stick with it, and write something whether or not I feel like it, I realize just how much this challenge teaches me about myself.

When writing is a discipline, a daily practice, it pushes me into uncomfortable territory and forces me to figure a way out. Getting my words organized is an incredible teaching tool for me, and I come out the other end with more clarity of thought and insight through words. Just as my yoga practice brings me through the language of the body and breath.

So, just like that, I am renewing my commitment to writing. Because when it's been so long between posts that you're embarrassed to say boo, that's the perfect time to do something good for yourself.

Now, I know I'm not alone in this, so do tell me your story. What awesomeness are you getting back to (or thinking about!)? Write it like you mean it, in the comments below.

Shanti om, om tat sat.

Thoughts or questions? I'd love to hear them.

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