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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

what is it and how can it help you?

what is trauma-sensitive yoga?

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is a movement practice designed as a resource for healing and recovery from trauma. 

Moved to Heal classes and podcast episodes follow the foundational principles of Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-based therapeutic intervention for complex trauma and resilience-building practice for various forms of trauma and adverse experiences. 

Moved to Heal TSY practices are designed to empower practitioners in their movement and in their bodies. Practices are facilitated using invitational language, offering choices for each movement, and inviting awareness of internal experience. 

how is TSY different from "regular" yoga?

While there are many variations on "regular" yoga, many yoga classes you would find in a studio or gym in the US place an emphasis on achieving skill in the postures and sequences of the physical practice (among other things). Many students consider yoga part of their exercise program.

Trauma-sensitive practices shift the focus to the internal experience and remove any emphasis on perfecting physical skills. Forms and movements are facilitated using invitational language, instead of directive commands common to exercise classes.

Over time, TSY participants can develop their ability to feel in their bodies, recognize their internal sensations, and use that knowledge as a resource for self-regulation.

who is TSY for?

Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is designed for survivors of complex trauma and is being used with folks at various stages of recovery from several kinds of traumatic experiences. Depending on where someone is in their recovery, Moved to Heal TSY could be a resource they use independently or in conjunction with other therapeutic tools, including talk therapy. 

In addition, Moved to Heal TSY can be beneficial for anyone who likes the class, helping them to build awareness of their physical and internal experiences through movement.

moved to heal podcast

I love podcasts, so of course that was my vehicle of choice for sharing trauma-sensitive movement! There are a few other reasons I think a podcast is a handy way to access MTH classes:
  • one can listen to the practices in a casual way, which might be an easier entry point than an in-person class
  • can listen discretely with headphones
  • no visuals (which can be distracting or prescriptive even)
  • connection through voice
  • free resource anyone can access
  • episodes can be downloaded for later use without internet connection

moved to heal classes

I'm available to teach TCTSY, via zoom and in-person (space and safety measures permitting) to individuals or groups. Please email me for more information and/or to discuss bringing Moved to Heal to your clients.

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