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We breathe without thinking and it keeps us living.
The way we breathe in any given moment is directly linked to the situation we're in, whether the situation is largely physical or mental or emotional. Our actions and thoughts can shape our breathing - and happily, our breathing can, to some degree, shape our forms and feelings in return.

What’s in this episode?

I explain some of what's behind the focus on breathing in the earlier episodes this month (ep 482 - 487), both generally and specifically for each of the three different practices. If you leave with more questions that you came, that's good! And stay tuned: more breathing breakdown will come in the future 🙂


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Be moving, be true,

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I have lots of Thoughts & Questions about meditation... likely you do, too! Perhaps we can explore them together.

What’s in this episode?

This week, I discuss the thought "how do you carry meditation with you?"

Before I share how I personally "carry meditation with me", I cover what this phrase might even mean. And springing from there, I offer a few different examples from students + teachers of mine.

What are your responses?

I'd love for you to ponder this question after your next meditation. Or perhaps just be open to any responses that come up. You do you, always.

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Be moving, be true,

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A space to move, heal from daily stresses, and be true to yourself. 
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