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Got an overwhelming project?

Tackle your goal or problem in baby steps.

At least, that's what all get-shit-done advice says. Dive in with a plan that you can follow, one that includes small steps that you know will be manageable, and leave the far away goal out of the everyday picture.

I think that's good advice, but sometimes the pieces you need to work on are so tiny, that you might not even think to put them on a to do list, even though they may be the foundation of all that follows on your path.

So how do you work on them, then?

You get tiny, too.

This lesson I borrow from Myazaki's film “The Borrower Arrietty”. It's the story of “a family of tiny people who live secretly in the walls and floors of a typical household, borrowing items from humans to survive.”

The Borrowers are tiny to us, as we are giant to them. And yet, they are able to see our giant world in light of their needs – transforming one sheet of tissue into cotton bedding, a sewing pin into a climbing pick, double stick tape into spiderman-like suction for hands and feet…

Every day they enter into a world of enormity and see the possibility it carries for them. And while this is their normal, they had to learn that normal to thrive.

If we can learn to change our scale of vision like the Borrowers, we will see new ways to thrive, too.

And at every different scale, there may be a problem or solution staring us in the face that we hadn’t seen before.

If you feel stuck on a project, try looking at it from a new angle. Get inside and see "what it's made of." Observe it from multiple perspectives including your own to find its essence. Work with that core element to find your solution.

See a mountain as the pile of rocks that it is and you, too, can move mountains.

Observing with you,


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