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Join me for a little grounding...

What’s in this episode?

The full "re-grounding" mantra series, chanted in the same practice I would use after meditation. I lead us in with alternate nostril breathing before inviting you to chant with me or listen in.

How can you use this practice?

This re-grounding practice is designed to help integrate meditation into your life... in a way. That way is called "Samyama," and I'll share more about that in the next episode, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, this is a great series for practicing chanting, centering/grounding (without meditation), and re-grounding after a long + deep meditation!

Give it a try when you're ready

Listen to "Ep 472 - Full Regrounding Series" on Spreaker.

Be moving, be true,

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What’s this episode about?
Mantra, where it comes from and what you can use it for.

Define that for me.
The word mantra means "mind tool" or something that "expands the mind". You can use it to focus the mind in meditation and in everyday life.

Can you tell me more now?
I'm so glad you asked.

Mantra in the sense of "mind tool" is a device you can use to focus your mind. By repeating the mantra, you train your mind to stay focused on it... to the exclusion of other thinking.

In meditation, the result is a feeling of "expansion". In meditation and in life, reflection upon this "expansion" can yield a shift --or an expansion, if you will-- in your perspective. You might be more likely to observe your own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which helps create just enough distance that you can act consciously rather than reactively.

What can I do with that?
I go into that in the episode! Here's a quick summary:

- Choose a mantra to use in meditation based on your gut instinct. Pick one you like from the 7 options I offer.
- Use the same mantra throughout your day when you need to calm yourself down or reduce the effects of internal or external distractions.

I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Listen to "Ep 147 - Using Mantra in Meditation and Everyday Life" on Spreaker.

Ready to practice the meditation? Here it is:

Listen to "Ep 148 - Hum Sa Kriya Meditation Practice" on Spreaker.

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