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We made it!

We made it to the other side of summer into glorious fall!

I LOVE fall. I live for fall! It is hands down the best. time. of. year.

Every summer I get a small kick out of not needing socks or coats, but mostly, I just pine for fall.

And now that it's here, I can relax. (Apologies if I sound unapologetically gleeful.)

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going on vacation and my fall schedule is craaaazy.

But in fall, I feel like myself, so I can handle the crazy.

I know some of you feel a lil' of the same -- and some of you are just sad as can be at the loss of summer and all that it brings.

So here's what I want you to do to balance the scales a bit:

Ask yourself: in which season do you feel most "relaxed," most at ease --most like yourself?

Can you bring some of that season into your least relaxed season?

Like I try every summer to escape to green spaces without heat waves. Failing that, I stake out great coffee shops with AC and a park view.

If you're a summer person, try scheduling regular saunters and picnic lunches (or the indoor equivalent!). Soak up extra sun whenever you can. Keep the feeling of summer freedom alive.

Schedule even just ten minutes of "summer" (or fall or spring or winter) each day, and it may just keep you more relaxed all year long.

What simple seasonal things do you do to relax and how can you use them to make your whole year a little more you?

Stay cool (or sunbathed!).

Observing with you,

Ahh, Labor Day

There's something special about Labor Day Weekend.

It's a bridge, for many of us, between play and work --a little like New Year's, but with a different mood.

At New Year's, I feel myself and my students "resetting" with determination. Determination fueled by frustrated exhaustion. Which kinda sucks, no?

But as we head into Labor Day Weekend, I notice a different feeling. We seem refreshed by the lazy ease that summer encourages. Plans for a productive fall come about almost without trying! Plans that most of us follow, because we've already reset, no resolutions needed.

I know not all of you have a "typical" schedule and Labor Day may not bring that last long weekend of summer. But most of us can acknowledge some sort of shift around this time.

What does Labor Day signal for you?

A shift from the relaxing pace of summer to the a busy chaos in fall?

A blissful transition from the sluggish misery of August to the refreshing crispness of September? (Hand raised right here.)

Or does it just come and go like any other day?

Take a few moments in the next week(s) to observe how you feel about this shift. What's the quality of the shift? What's the mood of your summer and the temperament of your fall?

Are you happiest in summer? Or in fall? Or indifferent to both?

Enjoy, whatever you do!

Observing with you,


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