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Choosing your journey

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind without judgment or criticism. When you enter into the practice, you can bring effort and intention, curiosity and wonder. Once you've made the decision to practice, or to try, it's again your choice, at every moment, how to proceed.

There's choice in the type of practice you do, the object of focus, but even after that, when your mind wanders during meditation, when you notice it happening, you can choose to redirect your focus or not. You can choose to keep your eyes closed or to open them. You can choose to sit still for a set period of time or to let yourself get up in the middle of practice if you need.

In order to practice without judgment of our experience, it can be useful to remember that choosing to meditate is not the only choice you get to make. It doesn't have to be all in or not at all. I encourage you to let your meditation practice be exactly what it is on any given day, choosing from moment to moment how to be in it.

You can also ignore all that and just practice in the way that suits you best! Enjoy!

Listen to "Ep 510 - Choice + Hum Sa Meditation" on Spreaker.

What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation?

  • Welcome + getting situated, with a few thoughts on making choices during the practice of meditation
  • A little lead-in movement: Cat / cow
  • Breathing practice: Alternate nostril breath (nadi shodhana)
  • Meditation technique (awareness kriya): Hum Sa
  • A little re-grounding movement: Child's form

As always, I encourage you to make yourself at home in this practice: substitute, modify, do as you need to feel safe and present, including taking breaks!


Integration suggestion

After listening to the episode, perhaps check in: did you notice something that you want to carry with you? If yes, maybe jot it down in a notebook or record a voice memo to help you remember!


You can give it a try when you're ready

Listen to "Ep 510 - Choice + Hum Sa Meditation" on Spreaker.
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