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How does color play into your mood? Do any colors help you connect to feeling "grounded"? In this week's meditation episode, you can try one way to check in with this question in the 7 Colors meditation.

What’s in this episode?

We're building on the 7 Centers meditation (the practice of bringing your awareness to the centers of 7 segments in your upper body) by adding color to each center. The colors follow the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo/blue, violet/purple, clear. So, really 6 colors + the absence of color = 7 Colors meditation.


What's it like to do this practice?

Many of us associate something with various colors, even just "I like" or "I don't like" or "this color makes this room feel warm." I think visualizing color can invite us into some kind of feeling or spatial awareness. That said, I will share that my visualization powers are weak, and as such I struggle to conjure color in my mind -- any color, let alone 7 (technically 6) specific ones! And so, when I practice the 7 Colors meditation, I notice that attempting to bring the colors into mind takes all my mental attention and serves as a good way to focus. Moving my attention up the body gradually, helps to shift my focus to a space of "nothingness" in the mind.

You might experience the same "good effort" through color visualization, or you might find yourself using less effort, but being embraced more by the colors. Just two possible experiences out of infinite possibilities!

Give it a try when you're ready

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