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When we say a meditation practice is "centering" what exactly does that mean? Well, there's no precise definition, but I took a stab at sharing what I think I mean when I use that phrase - which I use despite it making me crinkle my nose every time!

Why does it make my nose crinkle? Because it's both a mathematical term with a concrete definition (yay!) and also a descriptive term with what can best be thought of as an anecdotal definition. And as the latter, it's a word that is a concept, and as such is inclusive of your and all experiences of it -- once you know the concept. Of course, until you have some understanding of what you're looking for, the term can feel jargon-y and exclusive. Not welcoming, but frustrating. Ick! (There are lots of words like these --and if you can think of one that you want me to unpack, just let me know.)

What’s in this episode?

I offer a few definitions of "center" and discuss how the term rings in my head when I use it in connection with meditation. It's a bit of a follow up to the invitation to explore "center" in the Hum Sa kriya, Sat Yam kriya, and Sway to Center meditation practices I've been sharing on the podcast over the past few weeks.

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