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Want to center yourself quickly and effectively? Try the "Figure 8 Breath" meditation, also known as Arohan Awarohan kriya. It may just be the thing!

What’s in this episode?

Arohan Awarohan kriya meditation follows a figure 8 pattern of attention --and it mimics one possible pattern of breathing movement. I explain what and how that works in the "how to" episode, and in teaching the practice, I draw on that connection between your focus and your breathing movement.


How can you use this practice?

There are many patterns of breathing that our bodies can take on. The figure 8 breathing pattern can, as an exercise, be centering, kind of like how rocking a baby (or adult!) is soothing. Not everyone will find it useful in this way (full disclosure: I'm in that "not everyone" group!), and some will find it magical. If you give it a try and discover that it's useful for you, I'd love to hear how it turned out!


Give it a try when you're ready


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