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There's a Meditation Frame of Mind

When you're calm, attentive, and open to anything, you're likely ready to meditate (among many other things you could do). Meditation can take some determination to stick with, and coming to it in a "ready" frame of mind is a big help. Have you experienced this? Or perhaps you've never tried meditation because you've always assumed this is a necessary condition to be able to meditate?

If so, you're likely to walk away from the practice when you feel anxious or frazzled or riled up -- the opposite of calm and focused. I'm here to encourage you to come back! No need to put the cart before the horse, meditation can help you out of your frazzled state, and a small attitude shift can help you get there. More on that in the opening minutes of this week's practice episode --I hope you'll tune in and see what you think 🙂
Listen to "Ep 502 - Being in a Meditation Frame of Mind + Figure 8 Breath" on Spreaker.

What’s in this episode of Everyday Meditation?

  • Welcome + getting situated, with a few thoughts on entering your meditation practice in a not-so-ready-for-it frame of mind
  • A little lead-in movement: Seated twist
  • Breathing practice: 1:1 inhale:exhale breathing
  • Meditation technique (awareness kriya): Figure 8 Breath, aka Arohan/Awarohan
  • A little re-grounding movement: Reclining rest, aka Savasan

As always, I encourage you to make yourself at home in this practice: substitute, modify, do as you need to feel safe and present, including taking breaks!


Integration suggestion

After listening to the episode, perhaps check in: did you notice something that you want to carry with you? If yes, maybe jot it down in a notebook or record a voice memo to help you remember!


You can give it a try when you're ready

Listen to "Ep 502 - Being in a Meditation Frame of Mind + Figure 8 Breath" on Spreaker.

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