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This archive includes blog posts and podcast show notes, spanning many years of an evolving perspective and knowledge base. Enjoy!
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October 21, 2020
why not video for moved to heal?

There are good reasons why Moved to Heal is a podcast and not a video channel. If you've ever wondered why, tune in! Plus, I have a surprise for folks who would like a visual component 😉

October 17, 2020
the figure 8 part of your breathing

There's a figure 8 in your breathing! Well, one possible breathing pattern. I teach you what that means and how to use it in the Arohan Awarohan meditation practice from this week's episode of Esther's Everyday Meditation podcast!

October 14, 2020
sunbreath, moving on breath

Want to try short sequence of moves? In this episode of Moved to Heal, I'm offering a sequence also known as the "sunbreath." Last week, we just did the moves. This week, I'm inviting you to try moving in time with your breathing. Enjoy!

October 10, 2020
sounding from your breathing

Meditate through your own sounds!. AUM kriya is simple and easy to practice if you don't mind sounding out "Ahh," "Ooo," and "Mmm" along the way. I hope you'll give it a try. You can check out the "how to" first for some context and a walk-through of the practice.

October 8, 2020
sunbreath, just the moves

Want to try short sequence of moves? In this episode of Move to Heal, I'm offering a sequence also known as the "sunbreath." Even though the name suggests a breathing focus, I'm not cueing breath in this episode. Enjoy!

October 3, 2020
sway yourself into stillness

Have you ever noticed that swaying is soothing? If it feels soothing in your body, your brain is gonna love it, too. Try it as a meditation practice with Esther! Check out the "how to" for some context and a walk-through of the practice.

September 28, 2020
moving on breath

Breathing, moving, moving, breathing. Sometimes they go together like a life-long pair.
Moves on offer: spine + arm moves from seated, leg moves from hands and knees, spine + arm moves from standing.
Focus on offer: moving on your breath, or breathing in time with your movement.

September 27, 2020
moving your torso, feeling in your torso

Do you want to take a moment to move, breath, and feel?
Moves on offer: torso moves from seated and from standing.
Focus on offer: notice whether there's feeling in the torso.

September 26, 2020
moving your limbs, feeling in your limbs

Try meditation technique "Sat Yam Kriya" with Esther Palmer, after listening to an introduction to the practice and instructions in how to get started.

September 25, 2020
what is our center, anyway?

Meditation teacher Esther M Palmer discusses the notion of "center" (and finding it through meditation) in the latest episode from Esther's Everyday Meditation podcast.

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