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love your moves

get moving in a way you adore

“Working with Esther is inspiring! Love Your Moves has made me feel really confident. ...I feel like I got my mojo back :)”
- Valentina

why love your moves?

Have you recently stopped moving because you wanted to stop being in pain?

Or have you been afraid to start moving because of an old injury?

Or been afraid to try movement classes because of chronic pain?

Love Your Moves can help you get moving! 

While we can't magically fix injuries or heal conditions, this course can teach you how to be mindful of pain or fear in movement, and help you embrace movement in a way you love, so you can feel good in your body and moving through your day.

about the course

In this course, I will teach you how to
* pay attention to what hurts,
* figure out what it’s telling you, and
* determine what will help + what might be hurting you more.

During three months of weekly meetings, I will teach you how to safely attend classes you love without fearing you will have to do more than you’re able to!

The format
Ten session personalized movement course… since it’s a course, you can expect a wee bit o’ homework!

The pace
Weekly 2-hour group meetings, plus two 1-hour individual sessions with Esther

The time
Sundays 3-5pm

got questions?

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Healing isn't a solo effort

Love Your Moves can support you.

this is mov/ed

A space to move, heal, and be true to yourself. Want a personal introduction? Let's talk. 
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