Yoga Whenever… Audio Guides!

By popular demand: my voice, guiding you through a yoga practice whenever you want to practice!

Because let’s face it, sometimes you just want to practice mostly on your own (but not entirely!).

Who can use the Yoga Whenever Audio Guides?

Anyone who’s practiced yoga before!

If you get “inhale, do this, exhale do that”, know some common pose names (like down dog, cat/cow, etc), and feel comfortable making some movement choices for yourself, then you can practice with Yoga Whenever Audio Guides!

I’m creating some short guides with themes (like “sun salutes”, “lunges”, etc) and will eventually put together a full-length practice. So you can have a library of Esther-led yoga asana to throw into the mix of your yoga practice!

Who will probably end up a little frustrated?

Folks who are brand new to yoga! Sorry!

I’m ALL about welcoming you super beginners into yoga… but audio guides just aren’t the right medium.

Of course, if you like the idea of having a teacher in your ear, I want you to be able to use the Yoga Whenever Audio Guides, and strongly suggest you get a live introduction to yoga first. Email me if you want some help with that!

I’m stoked. Where are these fabulous guides?

I’m publishing new guides every 2-4 weeks and announcing them in my newsletter (sign up below!).

You can preview newly available guides below.

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