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Online Yoga Lessons

YOU can move well, breathe well, and live well…

But if you’re thinking to yourself “yeah, right –that’s not me,” I urge you to hush that inner voice today!

We all start somewhere, and today is as good a day as any to acknowledge that you, too, are equipped with the tools for transformation!

You don’t even need to leave your home or office for personal yoga guidance — we can connect online!

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Private Yoga in NYC

Where do you need a change?

Do you feel discomfort in your joints or muscles? I can help. I teach simple and effective movements through which you will improve joint mobility and relieve pain.

Do you need to improve your strength + mobility for a particular activity (skiing, golf, etc)? I can help there too. I take a strength-based approach to yoga to help you improve specific movement patterns.

Would you like to ease mental stress? I would love to introduce you to a better deep breath –or your built in ability to relieve your own stress! The tools of restorative yoga and meditation can change your life!

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You can read more about my approach, or email me to set up a free intro session.

Move Well, Live Well Course

Currently in development!

My main objective for all of my students is to show them how to be aware of their own brilliance.

There are so many ways in! And for many of us, a typical yoga class just doesn’t cut it. But it does scratch the surface, leaving an itch to dig deeper, to know more… about YOU.

When you start to “deepen your practice” (yes, that’s total yoga jargon), it just means you’re learning lots of yoga tools and starting to use them on purpose.

Sometimes we talk about how yoga transforms us and our lives –as if it were happening to us. Well, maybe. More likely, I believe, this change happens through your own agency, in both thought and action. Yoga just gives you tools to be aware of who you are and what you can do.

I’m developing a yoga + movement course that teach you all of this.

We will talk, move, laugh, and learn. We learn through play, through being willing to make mistakes and to fail, knowing we can get back up and try again –or try another approach. It’s my job as a teacher to lay the ground for all of this, and support you through each step.

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Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga 216

The Teacher Training programs at Yoga 216, created by me and owner Nicole Katz, are designed to bring the how, what, and why of your yoga studies into the foreground, so that you take with you a strong command of what you know and how to keep learning.

We are super proud of what we’ve crafted for yoga students and yoga teachers at all points in their yoga journey. We are also deeply humbled to be part of the journey with them.

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Group Yoga Classes in NYC

I teach a “slow-flow” vinyasa style class. My focus is on helping you cultivate a keener awareness of yourself through movement.

I also love to teach you how the body works, so expect under-the-hood talk and the occasional anatomy “lesson”!

I teach public classes at my two NYC “yoga homes”: ISHTA Yoga, where I started my yoga education, and Yoga 216, where I’ve collaborated with owner Nicole Katz to build a teacher training department.

See my current semi-private class schedule at Yoga 216.

See my current class schedule at ISHTA Yoga.

Move well, live well
A Yoga + Movement Course