Move Well, Live Well


Move Well, Live Well is a 6 month program of personalized movement lessons designed to help you incorporate quality movement and exercise into your week.

I have years of experience helping people who want to get moving again learn how to move through their day with confidence.

I tailor the sessions to you so that Move Well, Live Well fits the kind of lifestyle you’re living right now and helps you move in the direction you wish to go!


“To maintain your health, you have to ask yourself: “how can I deal with what’s going on today?” Some days it might be a breathing exercise, and some days it might be a vigorous practice, but having the totality of the practice— the diversity of ways to combat stress— is important. And you really do that — incorporate the whole package into your lessons.”
– Mary,


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Love Your Moves


Have you recently stopped moving because you wanted to stop being in pain? Or have you been afraid to start moving because of an old injury?

I can help you get moving again.

I will teach you how to be mindful of pain + fear in movement and help you return to doing what you love!


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Uneasy About Meditation?

well, then... let's get you comfortable!