Custom Sessions

Folks like you find their way to me when something’s not right.

Either there’s pain in their way or there’s joy missing from their day. Together, we sort out where you’re at (because it’s not always obvious!), and determine how to start changing what’s not right.

Each week, I’ll guide you through a tailored movement or yoga session to gently move you toward your goals.

The sessions are custom both in terms of your objectives and, more importantly, how we go about doing it. Because while we often have the same kinds of objectives, we’re all pretty unique in how we want to achieve them.

Since 2011, I’ve been helping people learn how to move through their day with confidence.

“To maintain your health, you have to ask yourself: “how can I deal with what’s going on today?” Some days it might be a breathing exercise, and some days it might be a vigorous practice, but having the totality of the practice— the diversity of ways to combat stress— is important. And you really do that — incorporate the whole package into your lessons.”
– Mary,


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Yoga Whenever Audio Guides

Audio guides to move you through your yoga practice for whenever the mood strikes!

I started creating these audio guides on request for private clients, and when my group class students started asking for them, too, I knew I needed to make them available to everyone!

All you need is some prior yoga experience. Sorry, this one’s not suitable for total beginners.

“Esther showed me that yoga is for everyone, that there is no ‘keeping up with others’, that my practice was my own and I could individualize it according to my abilities in a given day/stage/moment.”
– Melanie, private client


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Love Your Moves


Have you recently stopped moving because you wanted to stop being in pain? Or have you been afraid to start moving because of an old injury?

I can help you get moving again.

I will teach you how to be mindful of pain + fear in movement and help you return to doing what you love!


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Uneasy About Meditation?

well, then... let's get you comfortable!