what is samyama?

what is samyama?

Samyama is a meditation practice like no other.

Actually, it’s more like a meditation practice that encompasses all the others. And the practice of samyama is a key element in the ISHTA kriya meditation style.


What’s in this episode?

I introduce you to samyama by way of the ISHTA “re-grounding” mantras, a series of chants you can use to “ground your energy” after meditation and to practice samyama, which I explain in the episode.


How can you use this practice?

You can use it to change your life! Or just to enjoy chanting. Up to you.

You’ll see what I mean after listening. Enjoy!

Listen to “Ep 473 – Samyama and the Regrounding Series” on Spreaker.

Be moving, be true,

photo credit aaron burden on unsplash

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