Client Experiences

Some of my clients were kind enough to share their experiences working with me.
I hope this helps paint a picture of what it might be like for you, too!


“Through my private sessions with Esther, I learned that I AM a yogi! That there was no wrong or right way, that although I’m not as flexible as a pretzel, that although I couldn’t do every single move without modifications for my body, that because I didn’t know all the Sanskrit names of the poses, it didn’t mean I wasn’t doing it right. Esther showed me that yoga is for everyone, that there is no ‘keeping up with others’, that my practice was my own and I could individualize it according to my abilities in a given day/stage/moment. That self- acceptance was very freeing and I am forever grateful to Esther for that. I now attend group classes and am unconcerned with what other participants are doing as long as I am feeling it! Working with Esther is a “Hell YES!” in my book.”
— Melanie, regular private lessons


“I started yoga with Esther to increase flexibility and balance after several injuries. 6 months in, a very longstanding shoulder problem has significantly improved, and I am happy to discover that I am generally more willing to move. If you’re considering online yoga with Esther, do it! It is convenient, and Esther is very mindful of limitations and concerns. You will feel great!”
— Laura, weekly private online sessions


“After Love Your Moves, I feel way better equipped to approach exercise in this “new” body than I was before I started… The course helped me to accept that my body is not the same as last year, and that is okay. Working with Esther is spirit-lifting!”
— Yahaira, love your moves


“Working with Esther is inspiring! Love Your Moves has made me feel really confident. Although there are still challenging things, I feel a lot better saying ‘that’s not for me anymore’ or ‘let me try this my way’. I was already doing that, but I got scared when my old options were not available. Now I am more confident to explore a different way…  It takes constant tender love and care and work, Esther helped me restore my confidence in making good decisions for myself and my body. I feel like I got my mojo back :)”
“Thank you, Esther! You are fly:)”
— Valentina, love your moves


“To maintain your health, you have to ask yourself: “how can I deal with what’s going on today?” Some days it might be a breathing exercise, and some days it might be a vigorous practice, but having the totality of the practice— the diversity of ways to combat stress— is important. And you really do that — incorporate the whole package into your lessons.”
— Mary, studio classes + teacher training


“…Even as a beginner I felt immediately comfortable and had a great experience. Esther embodies the best of what a yoga teacher can be – someone who holds space for students to experience the energy and journey of their own practice. She balances a true respect for the heritage of yoga with a playful and encouraging teaching style that always leaves me ready for my next class.”
— Ann, studio classes + teacher training

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