take a self awareness coffee break: sutra 3.48

take a self awareness coffee break: sutra 3.48

Perhaps it’s the new smells.

Maybe it’s the temperature change.

Or maybe it’s that I’m a school girl at heart and in my eyes, September has “fresh start” written all over it.

We’re on the other side of labor day, and I am just itching to take in new information, take on new challenges, and celebrate my learning and exploring from last year!

But with any reboot, there comes a flurry of activity –more meetings, more due dates, more responsibility!– that means it can sometimes to be a challenge to slow down enough to notice how we’ve changed (or gelled!) from one year to the next.

We can be so good at getting back to work, that we dive in too quickly to see all that’s happening around us.

That’s why I like to incorporate lots of coffee-shop time into my once again overly-busy schedule. These are 100% essential hours in my week to sit, sip slowly, and observe all that’s happening.

I do my best noticing in busy coffee shops or tea houses. You may need a different avenue for self awareness. Walking along water or through trees, napping in the sun at the park, meandering through a favorite museum exhibition, or sitting still with your eyes closed and thoughts quieted are all meditations of one kind or another, spaces to practice self awareness.

sutra 3.48:

Through gazing directly at the process of perception itself, at one’s own nature, and at one’s own particular way of perceiving, and at the purpose of perception, there comes complete understanding of how awareness arises.

Translation by Kofi Busia

However you find your moments of meditation and self reflection, fall is an essential time for it!

Be busy, be productive, but also remain in touch with your ability to see things clearly, from all angles.

It might take as little as ten minutes a day or a few hours a week. You might need to schedule the time. And if you don’t or can’t, look out for the unplanned free hours (or moments) that nonetheless turn up on your calendar –grab ’em for yourself! Go do something good for you!

When you come back to your responsibilities, your perception of the world might just be that much more clear.

hari om tat sat!

An earlier version of this post first appeared on the Yoga 216 blog.

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