Sutra study

Merry Christmas everyone!

I’m not a big reader, nor much of a scholar, nonetheless, I have for at least the past year been finding my way into a deeper study of yoga through one of our classical guidebooks, the Yoga Sutras. “Sutra” means thread and Sanskrit, and this text threads together aphorisms that define yoga and describe how to experience it through practices that cultivate awareness of Self.

It is a text that does not judge and does not ascribe value to it recommendations, it simply tells you what may need to be done to bring yourself into a state of yoga. Its lack of judgment leaves me free to use what I need and let lie (for now) what I don’t. The more closely I consider the text (and the more broadly), the more I recognize what it is teaching –that here in these words really is the yoga I am studying. It didn’t seem that way the first time I read it, so it’s still a delightful surprise to me.

Each week I write a short exposition on one of the sutras for my studio, Yoga 216. You can find them here: I try to keep these light and honest. A good place to start with any dense material, don’t you think?

Happy reading!
Hari om, om tat sat!

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