Start Your Lessons

Take the First Step

E-mail me with a little bit about why you want to start lessons. Is there something specific you’d like to address? Or do you just want to see what yoga / learning how to move well / self-observation can do for you?

I’ll respond within a day or two –if you don’t hear from me within 48-hours, please reach out again!

From there, we’ll set up a complimentary assessment. Bring your questions! This conversation gives you a chance to meet me without committing to anything. I use the time to assess your needs and determine whether or not I’m the right teacher for you.

Beyond the First Step

We made it to the other side of our first meeting and set you up for your first series of lessons, now what?

The Lessons

If you’re in NYC, your lessons will take place at one of my two studio locations in Gramercy and Chelsea, or in your own home.

If you’re somewhere other than NYC, we’ll set ourselves up for lessons via Google Hangouts (or Skype if that’s easier for you). We’ll work out any technical challenges together, outside of your lesson time.

My strength lies in teaching you things you never knew about yourself–in your physical, mental, and emotional spheres.

The focus of a series of lessons will be tailored to you, of course, but we’ll establish that focus through the lens of a physical yoga practice. You’ll learn how to build strength, so you can develop it where you want/need. You’ll learn how to release tension, so you can free yourself from daily physical discomfort.

What constitutes a yoga practice? Lots of things might be involved, including:

  • strength + alignment focused movement with attention on the breath – you’ll start to balance your joints and work through stress with movement + breath
  • gentle yoga – the focus on breath and comfort of movement is greater here; regain mobility and physical comfort with conditions such as arthritis, vertigo, fibromyalgia, back pain, shoulder tension, and others
  • breath awareness – you can restore balance in your body and mind through simple but transformative breathing practices
  • meditation – meditation is just awesome at “calming your brain” and nervous system (not technical terminology there!).
  • restorative yoga – this is deeply restful practice that requires no active movement.
  • prenatal yoga – the focus on YOU doesn’t go away when you’re pregnant, it just shifts a little 😉

You’re ready to really do this, right? So let’s do it right. No one-offs here. After your free check-in, I’m going to ask you to commit to a series of 4 lessons to start. You can continue to renew the 4 session package as often as you like (six months is a good stretch to really get in to your practice).

This commitment is for YOU, to help you learn what you’re after and make new discoveries that you know are just below the surface!

Of course, if we dive in and after two lessons, it becomes clear we’re not the best fit after all, we’ll work out a refund. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging — figuring out our “stuff” takes trial and error!)

Between Lessons

Each week, you’ll finish the lesson with a focus to keep with you through the week. Just a little something to keep an eye on. How much is up to you.

How’s The Yoga Working?

At the end of every 4-lesson series, we’ll check in with your objectives (which might be very broad, that’s ok). This can help you stay engaged with your learning or recognize any shifts that have moved you towards a new objective.

What Do I Need to Start

You, just as you are (and maybe a yoga mat); you do NOT need to be flexible, strong, fearless, or “right” for this work. Happily, the practice meets you where you are –even if you’re not quite there yet yourself.

What Are The Costs?

Please email me to discuss costs. My fees are set based on multiple factors, including session frequency, duration, and location.

Want to embrace the real you?

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That’s me, Esther

I teach yoga and champion individuality by teaching you what’s under the hood (thank you, yoga AND science!). Together, we sort through what we can know, what we can’t, and how to work with both. There might be Pixar quotes. And whiskey, neat.


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