Personal Yoga Guidance… Online!

Whether you’re looking to improve mobility, increase strength, or reduce stress, yoga can help!

Choose online yoga privates for the convenience of location, time –and the freedom to come to class in your pajamas (that’s my favorite perk!).

Just 30-60 minutes each week can be all you need to create a shift in the overall quality of your

  • movement,
  • breathing, and
  • mental calm or focus
Yoga Wherever You Are!

I meet with students online using video conferencing, which means you can be wherever you need to be (so long as you have an internet connection). It works like a charm!

I use Zoom Meeting to connect – it’s easy to set up and available on all devices.

If you’re looking for a custom movement practice that helps ease joint discomfort, muscle strain, and mental stress, email me to set up a free introductory session.

You can also read more about my approach to teaching yoga here.

Free Assessment

Email me or use the booking form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free 30-minute assessment and trial session. We’ll talk about your objectives and do a short movement assessment. From there, I’ll give you my recommendations for lessons or steps to take.

What You Need to Get Started
  • A computer (or mobile device) that is connected to the internet and equipped with a web-camera
  • 5-10 feet of space between you and your computer
  • A yoga mat or similar

During our initial meeting (free assessment), I can help you determine whether your set up will work, if you’re not sure.

Session Duration + Costs

Online sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.

Sessions cost $50/30 min and $90/60 min.

When you’re ready to learn more about working withe me, I encourage you to schedule a time for us to meet and talk. You can email me directly or book a time here.

Uneasy About Meditation?

well, then... let's get you comfortable!