“Go for it.”

“Don’t think, act.”

“Just do it.”

Sometimes, you just need to get up off your butt and get going.

Sometimes, you shouldn’t dwell on what you plan to do, but just start.

Most of the time, though, a little consideration before jumping to action isn’t a bad thing.


Our brains have evolved with the capacity for self awareness (how we’re self aware is still under investigation). Your self awareness helps you make sense not only of yourself, but of the world around you. It helps you act not only with decisiveness, but also with full input of all the information at your disposal.

Informed action = thoughtful action = choices you feel good about.

And when you practice self observation with just a little bit of follow up, you add true power into your stride. You’ll be prepared to “just do it.”

I’ve spent the past decade learning how to notice rather than listen to the voice in my head. When I used to listen to it, the voice offered no more than an incessant chatter of self doubt.

Now, I “just notice” the voice, and it sounds different. Using tools borrowed from yoga*, I’ve transformed its tune into a hum of self observation. Sometimes the hum morphs into songs of valuable insight. There are ballads, anthems, ditties, lullabies –and even battle cries.

It’s like having a soundtrack for your life, no iPod needed.

Have you ever noticed how a movie moment feels more powerful with the right music helping to tell the story? A soundtrack of self awareness, self noticing, can do the same thing for your life.

You deserve a great soundtrack.

Which is why I’m going to share my process with you, week by week.

Sign up below for a short series of observation lessons! I’ll send you something to observe, and a follow up on what to do with your observations.

The best transformations are gradual.

Engage in this process, even a little bit, and you may start to notice a new beat in your life. The world will start to notice, too.

Sign up and start observing today (it’s totally free)!

Let the world see you for you
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