Move Well, Live Well

This is Personalized Yoga + Movement.

I call this program Move Well, Live Well, because that’s what it’s designed to help you do –all from the ease of your living room.

What the Program Does

Move Well, Live Well is a yoga course that fits the kind of lifestyle you’re living right now, through the personalized guidance of an experienced and knowledgable teacher. You don’t even have to go anywhere!

With MWLW online sessions, the pressures of publicness and internal motivation are alleviated. You don’t have to factor in travel time, packing a bag, or what to do with your movement hour — just show up as you are and I’ll move you through the rest!

MWLW is designed to give you a consistent weekly practice so that you can recognize when you become stronger or more flexible, even in an older age in your life.

And there’s no need to fear that you have a lot of ground to recover and that it won’t be easy to participate. In your 3-session assessment, I take careful stock of where you are, what your goals are, and the best approach for you to see gradual but steady progress.

Program Specifics

Move Well, Live Well is a results-driven 6-month program 100% tailored to you.

Here’s what’s included, all geared toward helping you make progress toward moving and living the way you want to:

* Weekly online private yoga session (30-60 min)
* Recording of our weekly session (30-60 min video)
* Recommendations for short home exercises if your schedule allows (5-10 min daily-ish)
* Monthly meditation created just for you (custom duration)
* Unlimited email support

And once you’re in the program, you’ll have the option to renew every 6 months, to keep your good work rolling along!

Topics are Tailored to You

Through your 3 free assessment sessions, we’ll come up with a few things to focus on over the course of the program. Here are just a few examples of what my clients have asked me to help them with:

* Regain movement confidence after an injury
* Improve balance
* Build a meditation practice to reduce anxiety
* Reduce nagging pain with everyday movement

Make Space for Your Own Wellbeing

Move Well, Live Well pulls together many pieces of the wellness puzzle, including how you can let go of stressors in your life. Because unfortunately, there’s no way to eradicate stress from your life completely. You can’t keep stressful things from happening, but you can change how you live with it.

MWLW will help you build a foundation from which your practice —the collection of things that you keep doing to feel good— will become a safe place to grow.

And you’ll grow stronger in more ways than one.

Ready to Learn More?

Schedule an initial 15 minute phone chat below.

If it’s our first meeting, we’ll start with introductions, your questions, and, if there’s time left, my questions for you.

If we’ve worked together before, we’ll dive right into figuring out whether a personalized Move Well, Live Well program is a good fit for you. If it is, we’ll move on to scheduling your free 3-session assessment!

Uneasy About Meditation?

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