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What to Expect on The Podcast

Meditation! Some practice, some education, some food for thought. For starters:

Why should I meditate? Why should you meditate?

I ask myself these two questions almost daily, still – even eight years into my practice + teaching of meditation .

And the more I ask + research, the more questions I uncover:

  • What does meditation do for us?
  • What does it ask of us?
  • Since it’s so popular, how do we know it’s not a fad?
  • Is meditation an investment in yourself? or just really hard for no good reason?
  • Can meditation quiet your internal struggles and change your perspectives?

These are topics I occasionally dig into on my everyday meditation podcast.

But there’s more! Just talking about meditation would do you no good! It’s only useful when you get to test it out for yourself.

Regular episodes include a kriya-based meditation. I’ll talk you through the whole thing.

On the podcast you’ll find the meditation of the week as two posts: one to teach you how to practice the kriya + meditation, and one to practice the meditation. For newcomers, the “How To” episode is meant to reduce any worry about whether you’re doing the practice correctly. (You are, it’s really hard to get it wrong.) And for my regular listeners, there will always be a little something new to glean and take into the week with you.

Just starting with meditation?
If you’re brand new to meditation or have some questions you’ve never gotten to ask (about how to sit, how to breathe, etc), I hope you’ll check out my free everyday meditation comfort guide. It’s written to welcome you in, answer questions lots of beginners have, and open the door for more questions as you begin your exploration into meditation.

“Everyday” means everyone is welcome

My podcast is meant to be a casual and inclusive space. (**If you ever think I fall short on making my podcast an inclusive space, I want to hear from you so I can learn how to make it better 🙂)

I hope it teaches you some of the ins and outs of meditation, inspires personal delight in your day, quiets your reactivity to other people’s opinions, or helps you calm the internal struggles that run through your head everyday.

Your internal dialogues —that keep you constantly struggling with why am I doing this?”, the permission to put yourself first, and the reactive emotions that arise — are real.

Meditation can be a powerful resource to create a shift in your mind. To help you change your perspective, value your reality of an interconnected body, mind and spirit, and give you a boost of daily courage to overcome anxieties that still you in your tracks, en route to doing what you love.

Even as I continue to look for solid evidence about meditation’s measurable effects, I can say that my regular practice has given me courage. Courage to choose, every day, options that bring me joy.

The places I go, the people I spend time with, the work I do — all of those have some element of choice in them, and it isn’t always easy to pick the ones that resonate most strongly.

Meditation helps me quell the fears of my irrational mind, the one ogling magazine spreads and tv spots, and gives my rational mind a chance to say “hey! over here! go this way! towards a true sense of belonging and purpose!”

Maybe meditation can help you with those things too. You’ll only discover through action. Listen and practice weekly or daily, it’s up to you.

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Listen to “Esther’s Everyday Meditation” on Spreaker.

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