Everyday Meditation Podcast

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, and I do hope you’ll join me.

I love to sit and meditate. But over the years I’ve discovered that I don’t always love to do it alone. (Which is kinda ridiculous for many reasons, but let’s save that conversation for another day.)

And so I decided to share my practice with YOU!

This practice becomes exponentially more powerful to me when I share it with others, so THANK YOU for joining me.**

Please note: Meditation is not well suited to modern day multitasking (then again, neither is multitasking, *sigh*). Before turning on the podcast, step away from they heavy machinery!

What’s on my Everyday Meditation Podcast

Daily guided meditation practice
This one’s 30 minutes. It’s not as tough as you may think to stay with it (in large part because of the kriya techniques we use), but you do need the full half hour. If you’re at all doubtful, make sure you grab my Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide below.

Weekly Q+A
To start each week, I spend a few minutes (sometimes literally 3, sometimes more) answering one question about meditation. Some Qs apply to meditation generally, some are specific to the everyday meditation techniques on my podcast (like, “what’s a kriya technique?”). I always end this cast guiding you through 2-3 minutes of breath observation, so that you have a meditation tool you can practice anywhere, anytime.

Esther’s Big Picture Musings
Posted when I get fired up to share. These will be clearly labeled. If you don’t enjoy heart-felt ramblings in pursuit of fundamental truths, you’ll want to skip over these. I won’t be offended.

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Brand New to Meditation?

Let’s call out the elephant in the room. Until you’ve tried it (+ stuck with it), meditation can be intimidating. It sounds impossible! Why on earth would you ever try something that sets you up to fail?

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to feel that way. Impossible that is. What makes it doable is a little context and a lot of comfort.

You need to feel at home– at ease enough to proclaim “Woohoo! Let’s do this!”

Think so too? Grab your favorite cozy (or power suit ūüėČ and get ready to snuggle up to

Esther’s Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide

Yup, I put together a straight-forward guide to settling into an everyday meditation habit. Check it out so that when you decide to try the 30 minute practice, you can feel ready “to do this!”.

You’ll learn stuff like how to sit comfortably, how to prepare for meditation, ways to stick with it, and more.

Get Your Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide!

Sign up below and I’ll send you my thorough guide to everyday meditation. Occasionally I’ll also email you some inspiration for ongoing practice.


** I’m super stoked that you’re showing up for yourself. Why do I think that’s so kick-a**? That’s yet another topic that deserves a proper aside, exactly the kind of asides we’ll have in my upcoming Move Well, Live Well course (stay tuned!).

Move well, live well
A Yoga + Movement Course on the Self

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